About foundation

Welcome to Tasavar-e- Jehan Welfare Association

Established in May 2020 by famous spiritual and religious Person Riffat khowaja , tasavarjhan Welfare International

Tasavar-e- Jehan Welfare International Trust was built on the fundamentals of breaking the cycle of poverty, alleviating the financial troubles of the poor, giving people a chance to live a dignified life and spreading happiness.

We are an association that has faith in illuminating the existences of oppressed individuals across the world.

We try to offer the best quality types of assistance in regions including food, training, clinical and social government.

Assistance liberated from cost to individuals living in obscurity. With more than 60 distinct areas, we feed a huge number of hungry individuals every day, hundreds more are given the expectation of life through clinical medical care, many are instructed to become heads of tomorrow and a few are allowed the potential for success to have on their feet Monetarily.

We emphatically accept that a little assistance goes far and our work would not be conceivable without the liberal help of our important benefactors. Our neighborhood and global givers have thoughtfully loaned us a hand by supporting our causes and empowering us to serve the necessities of individuals out of luck

List of our volunteers

Mark Trevor

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Patricia McNeel

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Sarah Milles

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Eric Patterson

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